Insurance Schools Inc. Reviews Their Insurance License Training


Insurance agents enjoy an exciting and rewarding career that can provide great financial stability for those who take their career seriously. Insurance Schools Inc. reviews their insurance license training constantly to ensure that it offers everything needed to provide someone with the tools needed to be an insurance agent. Of course, Insurance Schools Inc. reviews show that a person must decide what type of insurance agent they want to be. For instance, they could want to specialize in selling life, accident, & health insurance policies or property & casualty insurance policies. Depending on what they want to specialize in, they may want to become licensed in property and casualty insurance or life, accident and health.


Insurance Schools Inc. reviews what the requirements are to become an insurance provider in each individual state. While the requirements do vary, the following applies for everyone:


  • An individual must be at least 18 years of age
  • Reside in the state where they are seeking a license
  • Be appointed as an agent by a licensed insurer

In order to obtain the ability to earn a “ticket” to the state insurance exam, most states require a person to pass a life, accident, and health pre-licensing course or a property & casualty pre-licensing course. Therefore, Insurance Schools Inc. reviews what states require so that they can offer the best training courses to propel a person’s career. Everyone must know the rules and requirements of their individual state. When you visit the Insurance Schools Inc. website, you can get a better idea of the training you should take.


It’s important to understand the individual state requirements because a person may have additional requirements that must be fulfilled to become an agent. For example, these requirements could be:


  • May only write a percentage of “controlled business” on themselves, their relatives or employees only, and shall be trustworthy and competent. This requirement is to ensure that a person does not acquire an insurance license for the sole purpose of insuring themselves or their own families.
  • An insurance agent represents the insurer (insurance company) and must not place any business with any insurer not admitted to do business in the state.
  • An agent may not accept business from a broker or agent who is not licensed in the state.
  • To become licensed in a state other than the state where the agent resides, he/she must apply for a “non-resident agent” license. All non-resident licensees must first have a resident license in his or her home state before a non-resident license will be issued.

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