Monitoring Motor Vehicle Law Changes Allows Insurance Schools Inc To Better Prepare Students

insurance schools incMost of us do it daily, but too few realize just how dangerous driving on America’s roadways can be. According to statistics cited in 2016 by The Huffington Post, there were more than 32,000 car crash fatalities in 2014 and that’s 10,000 less than the figure recorded a decade prior. According to the article, there were approximately 10 deaths in the U.S. per every 100,000 people in 2014. Wyoming skewed the stats even higher, recording more than 25 dead per every 100,000 motorists. On the opposite end, Rhode Island and Massachusetts were deemed the safest places to drive. These industry-relevant statistics are of interest to Insurance Schools Inc. That’s because this company, which offers online training courses for people looking to become certified insurance agents, must constantly keep up with laws on the books across the U.S. so that the training materials it offers are the most recent ones available.

According to the article, driver behavior is one of the major forces behind the types of accidents that motorists are involved in and have the greatest impact on the outcome.  That means wearing a seat belt, not drinking and driving and exhibiting caution when driving on rural roads. In regards to intoxicated driving, 49 percent of drivers killed in Montana car accidents had a higher-than-permitted blood alcohol level at the time of the crash. These statistics should be a wake-up call to drivers, but they offer insight to companies like Insurance Schools Inc. This company, gets the ball rolling for those who want to be motor vehicle damage appraisers, among other insurance-related careers such as claims adjusters or property insurance agents. Insurance Schools Inc must also keep track of industry standards and statistics so those who trust the company to help them with career aspirations are delivered real results.

When someone makes the decision to become a motor vehicle damage appraiser, the time and dedication they place on pre-state test training translates to the eventual pay-off. That means following through on virtual classroom lessons, taking pre-test exams that draw on questions similar to what you’ll see on the state exams and utilizing textbooks offered by Insurance Schools Inc to students. For example, the six-month subscription for the South Carolina Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser course that’s offered by Insurance Schools Inc comes with a wealth of preparation resources. That includes our nearly 400-page textbook plus a state law digest that’s custom printed when you enroll as well as the exam simulator with more than 1,000 questions that are specific to South Carolina. Since many states will require those looking to become insurance agents to have completed some form of pre-test training, trusting Insurance Schools Inc is one of the best investments you can make.

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