Wanton Damage Done By California Wildfires Proves Need For Skilled Public Adjusters

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Sprawling wildfires across Northern California continue to rage, claiming the lives of 17 people and more than 2,000 buildings as of Oct. 11, 2017. According to the Los Angeles Times, the fires across Sonoma County rank among the most destructive in the state’s history and the damages – as well as deaths – are still expected to climb. Per the Times, two of the fires that are part of the larger wildfire itself have charred in excess of 50,000 acres and evacuations are becoming the order of the day. The report adds that approximately 20,000 people have been ordered to leave their homes, which has left many rightly worried about their properties as thousands of firefighters from across the region attempt to battle a wall of flames and cease any further destruction.

“I grew up here, all my memories are from this very spot. It’s where I played and learned right from wrong. But the fire destroyed every photograph my mother and father had of me. It took all our memories, except this one,” U.S. Army veteran Brady Harvell told the Times as he sifted through the rubble of his home in search of his dog tags. Other examples of sheer devastation gathered by Times reporters at the scene include “twisted metal and broken water mains splashing onto heaps of blackened beams” alongside charred trees and chimneys left standing all alone. It’s this kind of wanton destruction that those living in the path of a natural disaster must learn to live with and attempt to recover from; part of that recovery is often monetary.

Severe damages to many more homes at this point is nearly guaranteed and homeowners in need of public adjusters to make insurance claims will soon be seeking those trained by Insurance Schools Inc. That’s because this online insurance school has spent years crafting classes that are tailored to each state and different fields of practice. The California independent and public adjuster course will assist those who want to learn how to work as claims adjusters on behalf of insurance policy holders. Along the way to becoming a California public adjuster, your Insurance Schools Inc. online training courses will include state final exam preparation tests that are sponsored by the California Department of Insurance. That’s because insurance agents, no matter which state they live in, must pass state-level tests before being able to work in the field no matter which employer they are hired by.

While news reports show that steady progress is being made against the wildfires in California, survival is only one part of the battle. Former homeowners who’ve returned to find flattened structures and severely damaged properties will soon need the assistance of adjusters trained by Insurance Schools Inc.

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